Posting Policies

Our policies are designed to create a safe and fair environment for all Eazy BUYnSELL users. Learning what’s allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable and trustworthy users.

When you sell on Eazy BUYnSELL there are certain rules you need to follow. These rules are in place to help make Eazy BUYnSELL a safer place for all our customers (sellers and buyers).

Before you post an item, you should review and understand these rules because we hold all our sellers responsible for following them. If you don’t, you may be subject to a range of actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges, suspension, freezing or blocking of your account.

Some things are just non-negotiable. The rules are some of them:

1)      Anything which are Prohibited by the law of the country you are living in, is also prohibited on Eazy BUYnSELL.

2)      Photos should not have any watermarks.

3)      All lists must have a valid phone number and email address.

4)      All items and services must be available in the country you are advertising for.

5)      All items and products that break the law are strictly prohibited. This is very serious. If you are unsure, please see the list of Prohibited Items here down.

6)      Any form of multi-level marketing (example: pyramid structures) is not allowed.

7)      All lists must be clear, factual and not offensive in any way.

8)      All items must be posted separately, except for sets items, example: Phone and its accessories, dining set, bed and its side table…

9)      All lists must have clear and factual descriptions. In the end, you are trying to sell something and not somebody.

10)   All lists that link to third party websites in are not allowed.

11)   Duplicated adverts are not allowed.

12)   All ads looking for friendship, relationships, dating or donations are not allowed here. There are other websites for things like that.

Prohibited Items on Eazy BUYnSELL

The following items are strictly not allowed on our platform. If there is any attempt to post any of these, we will delete the list straight away. We take the safely of our buyers and sellers and the law of the country quite seriously, and in some cases, we will be obligated to contact the authorities.

1)    Any goods that require a permit or is against of the LAW OF THE COUNTRY you are living in: Guns; especially weapons that require a permit or legal authority to use.

2)   Illegal/Pirated copies: Copies, Duplicates or “Backup Copies” of software or digital versions thereof, including memory cards or other storage devices. Example: Floppy Drive, CDs, DVDs and Books.

3)    Drugs, narcotics, tobacco, weeds and other smoking related products.

4)    Fireworks and other combustible paraphernalia.

5)    Any form of medication.

6)    Pyramid structure/ multi-level marketing.

7)    Affiliate Programs/ rewards or commissions

8)    “Get rich quick” or “work from home” schemes.

9)    Human organs.

10) All ads from minors, from a person under 18 years.

11) The sale of sim cards.

12) Replicas and counterfeits.

13) Money transactions: Ads or services offering the exchange of any legal tender, whether online or in-person.

14) Sale of gaming accounts (example: online accounts, streamer accounts…).

15) Finance offered from a free email account.

16) The service of hacking, unlocking or chipping any device.

17) Voodoo (Black/White magic).

18) Digital goods, example: eBooks and Vouchers in electronic form.

19) Coupons, vouchers and credit cards.

20) Equipment for games of chance, example: US DV Lottery, Lottery and Slot machines.

21) Explicit or adult content or services.

22) Ads seeking for monetary donations.

23) Unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

24) Loose Diamonds/ Tanzanite/ Titanium/ Gold without an authorized paper.

25) Contact lenses (cosmetic/ prescription).

26) Natural product which claim to cure you of any kind of illness or disease or that can prevent cancer…

27) Endangered/ Indigenous animals, under any local or international law.

28) Certain breeds of dogs not allowed as per our policy with NSPCA.

29) Breeding in dogs and cats.

30) Dogs and cats under 8 weeks.

31) Swapping of animals.

32) Free pets offered or wanted.

33) The sale tusks, rhino horns or items made of ivory.

34) Donkey hides.

35) Vehicles without a paper.

36) Vacancies posted from a free email account.

And as a matter of housekeeping…

  1. a) Selfies and images that have no obvious relation or affinity to the ad will be deleted.
  2. b) Images downloaded from the internet (stock images) are not allowed and will be deleted at some cases.

If you received a suspicious message

Any mail that you receive that seems suspicious, normally is. Whatever you do, do not reply to it. Rather Report it to us right away on

So, what do these suspicious emails normally look like?

Here is an example:

‘Hello dear, I’m from West Africa… I want to know, is your item still available? And how is the current condition and what is your final best price? I would like to make the following payments “PayPal, MoneyGram transfer…” Can you ship the item via DHL or FedEx courier service to West Africa? I’m looking forward to read your email soon. Mr. Emeka.’

We have created Eazy BUYnSELL to be safe experience for anyone who uses it. The minute you don’t feel that way, please Report it to us right away on

What does Eazy BUYnSELL do in the case of fraud?

We are only provided a service for transactions; we help and facilitate the buyers and sellers to meet together through our online trade platform. So, we are limited with what we can do in a case of fraud.

Ultimately payment, accepting the item and all other related issues are up to the buyer and the seller, and their agreement… be wise!

That’s why it’s best that you know how to protect yourself when buying or selling online. It’s just the best choice to do as a new user.

Read some tips on Trading Safely.

How do I sell safely?

At Eazy BUYnSELL, your safety is extremely important to us. Please, read and understand our tips for staying safe online before you do any transaction on our platform (Remember that Eazy BUYnSELL is just a classifieds website and most ads are not reviewed before they go online due to the higher numbers of posting). If you come across any ads that seem to you suspicious, please bring it to our attention immediately We are here to help you.

So, if you have set up a deal and you are meeting your buyer or the seller – we know you might have some concerns over making a safe trade, so down here are the tips to make sure you and your buyer/ seller walk away happy and safe.


# Meeting a Buyer/ Seller (When dealing locally)

1)    Always meet in person, we would recommend trading locally for safe deals.

2)    A buyer who offers you more money to ship your item to them, is usually a scammer and you can Report them to us

3)    Always try to meet your buyer/ seller in a public place like a shopping mall or petrol station where there is a CCTV in place, if someone needs to come to your house to fetch a large item, make sure you have a family member or friend with you.

4)   Avoid to carry a big amount of cash to the seller’s place if is not a shop, please meet in public place for your safety.

# Making the exchange (When dealing locally)

1)   As far as possible, only get paid in cash for your item.

2)    If you must accept a bank transfer, make sure the money reflects in your account or you call your bank to check that the funds have cleared before handing over the item!

3)    Be careful when accepting a proof of payment sms or email, these are very easy to fake it!

We are not in any position to handle or facilitate any exchange of money or good, for now. So please, be careful when handling over your good or the payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact us

I have been a victim of fraud

If you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately ( so we can escalate it to our legal and fraud department for investigation. They will be in contact with you sooner after that.

I can’t find my ad in the search results

So, you have tried everything and you still can’t find it. Don’t be worried:

1)      Double check your spelling: Remember to add specific words or the exact title of your ad.

2)      Results always show all active ads. If your ad doesn’t appear, check in Your account the status of your ad if it pending or active. If the ad has expired by all means, Post it again!

3)      If your ad was rejected, please review our Posting rules, and the list of the Prohibited Items on Eazy BUYnSELL before you edit it. You will receive an email with the reason for the rejection, and a link to edit your ad directly.

If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to Contact Us and one of our consultant will be glad to replying to you as soon as possible.

Why my ad is not active?

Once you list an ad on Eazy BUYnSELL, you will receive an email right away to let you know the status of your ad. Your ad will always be pending before it’s approved or in some cases, rejected.

You can also have the option of checking the status of your lists in My Ads, which is located in the upper right-hand corner.

If your list was rejected, you will get an email with the reason of the rejection. Please have another look at our Posting Rules, and the list of the Prohibited Items on Eazy BUYnSELL and have another stab by editing your Ad.

If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to Contact Us and one of our consultant will be glad to replying to you as soon as possible.

Why my Ad was rejected?

If your list was rejected, we will send you an email with the reason of the rejection and a direct link to edit it.

Before editing the ad, please review our Posting Rules, and the list of Prohibited Items on Eazy BUYnSELL – remove the less stuff that is in there that should not be there, the sooner you remove and post it again it will be live on Eazy BUYnSELL.

If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to Contact Us and one of our consultant will be glad to replying to you as soon as possible.

It hurt us as much as it hurts you; repeated violation of rules on Eazy BUYnSELL may result in your account being suspended or blocked!

Why did Eazy BUYnSELL remove my Ad?

If we removed your ad, it’s probably because it either violated the law of the country as we all band it or one of our policies. Or, it may have been removed because the item’s right owner (for example; Foschini Group, Cotton On, Google, Gucci, Microsoft, or H&M) asked us to remove it.  This can happen even if your item is genuine.

If your list was flagged as a duplicated, it is most likely that it contained a similar ad title, description, price, and/or photos of an existing or a recently deleted ad. We remove duplicate ads to give a fair chance to other users such as yourself to get the same exposure.

Your list may also have been taken down because you posted an ad for an item or service that is not allowed by the LAW OF THE COUNTRY or on Eazy BUYnSELL. Check our Prohibited Items list.

It’s also possible that you have violated our Posting Rules. More details are found in our Posting Rules and please overview it for your own good.

To find out why we removed your ad, be sure to read the email we sent you. If you don’t see an email from us, check your spam/junk email folder.

Note that continuous violation of terms of use/ rules on Eazy BUYnSELL will result in your account being suspended or blocked!

If you are still unclear about anything, you can send us your details via the contact form or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Report an Ad

If you need to report a list, you will find a little report feature on the left bottom of the ad or you can email us at including the ad ID number or the link.

Don’t forget that you need to be logged in order to report an ad. A pop-up will appear asking you for a little extra information. Our consultant agent will take your report seriously and follow up accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also contact us under the fraud department between 8:30AM to 4:30PM from Monday to Friday and on weekend/ public holiday, please email us at between 9:00AM to 2:00.


Thank you for your support.


Yours sincerely,

MultiTech BONDO (Pty) Ltd Support Team.