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Eazy BUYnSELL App. is a MultiTech BONDO (Pty) Ltd product, whether you are buying new or used, plain or luxurious, at a commonplace or rare, trendy or one of a kind – if it exists around us, it’s probably on sale on Eazy BUYnSELL. Our mission is to be your first-choice destination for discovering great value and unique selection of your need. We give our sellers: the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow up their businesses and thrive; and to the buyers: we support you and warning everyone for scammers (read our terms and conditions of use). We measure our success by our customer’s success, empower people and create economic opportunity for everyone who is able to trade online. Our focus is on partnering with our sellers, not competing with them. Our goal is to build stronger connections between buyers and sellers with product experiences that are fast, mobile, and secure. We are transforming the individual selling experience to help you turn the things you no longer need into cash you can use and enjoy. MultiTech BONDO (Pty) Ltd team is perform meaningful great work that has a tangible impact on the lives of individuals who subscribes on our Eazy BUYnSELL platform for trading and we aspire to make great things possible for each other and specially to our customers.



“Our Mission, is to be your first-choice destination website for discovering great value and unique selection of your need. We help and facilitate the online trading and makes life simple, faster and easy for everyone.”


“Our Vision, is to build stronger connections between buyers and sellers, makes everyone understand the power of the online trading in our lifetime and we want to make sure even the last technological primitive person is able to buy and sell online.”


Getting in Touch with Eazy BUYnSELL

We love getting feedback from our customers (the Sellers and the Buyers). If you have any suggestions that could help us improve your experience on our website/ App and if you have any technical support issues or queries, you could send us an email at info@eazybuynsell.com. For other more information, please find us on Facebook: Eazy BUYnSELL, on Instagram: Eazy.BUYnSELL_ZA or follow us on Twitter: @EazyBUYnSELL.



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